Church Tour

A Church Tour ...

We think that our church St. Mary's is a beautiful building with a unique air of tranquillity, a place steeped with history.

You can now explore our fascinating history on a church tour we have developed. It's a walk around our church to help you connect with people from our past who have had a huge impact on our building . Our tour answers questions such as:

       "What part of our church is the oldest surviving example of its kind in the North West?"

      "How was Queen Victoria's wedding linked to St Marys?"

      "What connects St Mary Grassendale to St Margaret's Princes Road and Christ Church                Everton?"

      "How was the fate of a pupil of St Mary's school tied in to that of Lord Kitchener?"

All of these questions and more are answered on the Tour which lasts for approx. 45 mins

To book a place please simply click our church tour booking form

Current dates - more dates will released later in the year

              April 27 Saturday 10.30-12
              April 28 Sunday 2-4pm
              May 18 Saturday 10.30-12
              May 19 Sunday 2-4pm
              June 29 Saturday 10.30-12
              June 30 Sunday 2-4pm


Light refreshment will be served and of course your questions welcomed.