HLF Projects

Community Involvement
As well as the building work HLF require on going involemnet of making our hertiage available and accessable in a variety of ways. Our central aim of this all-inclusive approach to those living in the local community is reflected not only in the range of activities we will offer, but the approach we have taken will engage with it. All our activities will engage with new audiences to varying degrees. So far we have a strong level of commitment to our activity plans.
These community heritage community projects have developed from a series of consultations and open meetings to share our programmes with a wide range of community members.
Delivering in these six areas —
  • the architectural features of the church;
  • the church history and that of the local church primary school;
  • two projects outreach AND inreach for elderly residents & those living in social isolation;
  • using the church as a community hub to showcase its heritage;
  • a series of activities aimed at children and young people in the community

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6 December Meeting prep ...

The next meeting of the HLF project group will take place at the church on Wednesday December 6th starting at 6.30 pm for one hour. Please note the start time. At the meeting there will be a quick update followed by time in your working groups to review progress and plan ahead. We will also share what we are doing across the groups.

8 November meeting ... 

The main purposes of the meeting was to review the work of each activity group and share any issues that need resolving and plan for the next month. We spent some time considering issues around communication and coordination of the HLF project over the next few months so that we can produce an agreed way forward. There was feedback from the steering group on issues thats had been raised so far.